Tips & Information for Youth In Care


Being young can sometimes leave you feeling confused and angry about the situation that you are in but this does not mean it is your fault.

Sometimes family situations can change and make it hard or unsafe for youth to continue living in the same environment.

If child protection services feels that you are living in an unsafe or unhealthy environment, they may place you in care. This is only because you deserve to live in a healthy and thriving home.

“In care” means that you are either living in a foster home, group home, or placed with another family member for the time being while your parent/guardian receive the help and guidance that they need.

Tips for Adjusting

We know being introduced into a new home with new people can be scary and uncomfortable.

Remember it takes time to get used to new surroundings. As the people and home become more familiar, you will feel more comfortable.


Tips to help become adjusted:

• Reach out and talk to someone about how you feel (a friend, family member, teacher, counsellor, your worker, or foster parent).

• Bring some of your belongings (request belongings if you did not get a chance to bring them).

• Continue to do activities you liked to do prior to your new home or begin doing something you have always wanted to.

• Start a journal (writing about how you feel each day helps release feelings rather than leaving them pent up).


Check out the websites Self-Care and Tips & Calming Strategies pages for more tips. 

Who is There for Me?

You are assigned a social worker once you are in care and you can reach out to them for your needs. You can also talk to family, friends, your guardian in care, or reach out to a crisis line such as Kids Help Phone.

Note: If you feel your needs are not being met, feel unsafe, or that no ones listening to you, you can call and talk to your worker, your workers supervisor, or Saskatchewan Advocate.

Contact Advocate for Children & Youth:

Toll-free: 1-800-322-7221
Phone: 1-306-933-6700 
Email: contact@saskadvocate.ca