First Aid Training & CPR

1. Canadian Red Cross offers online first aid training that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Link: https://www.redcross.ca/training-and-certification/course-descriptions/first-aid-at-home-courses


2. St. John Ambulance offers First Aid and CPR training online.

Link: https://sk.stjohntraining.ca/first-aid-training/online-first-aid-certification-courses


3. Basic Plus First Aid Training offers a recertification course located in Saskatoon and includes 4 hours in-class and 4 hours of online learning.

Link: https://www.basicplusfirstaidtraining.com/classes-1


4. Share A Life offers a wide range of First Aid and CPR courses. Online classes coming soon!

Link: https://www.sharalife.com/standard-first-aid-cpr-aed