sâkîyıso Videos



sâkîyıso – Understanding and Building Healthy Relationships uses Cree/Nêhiyaw cultural knowledge to support the development of healthy relationships amongst peers, dating partners, family and community.


Unit 1 – miyo wahkohtowinGood Relations 


Unit 2 – mayi wahkohtowin Unhealthy Relationships 


Unit 2 – We Shall Remain 

Unit 3 – miyo wicihitowinPostive Support


The following three videos were written and directed by youth. The message of their traditional teachings to be kind and respectful to oneself and others is highlighted by the Elders teachings.


The Bystander: Focuses on peer bulling and homophobia. The power of the bystander in the bullying dynamic is revealed.


I am the Bully: Focuses on peer bulling (lateral violence).


A Way Out: This video depicts the dating relationship of a young couple who are harmed by their unhealthy relationship. The importance of Traditional teachings of love, strength, respect are revealed as foundational to a healthy relationships.

Zoey Roy, Producer
Geordie Trifa, Videographer.
Albert Angus, Elder.
Eileen Thomas, Elder.
Dene Elder.


Unit 4 – Loving Oneself 



Unit 4 – A Message to Indigenous Youth



The videos and the free downloadable curriculum can be found on the FSIN website at: