What is Mental Wellness?

  • Mental wellness comes from the balance of ones own spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well being.
  • It is about being connected with yourself and others which in-turn builds healthy relationships.
  • Being mentally well means you have the ability to conquer life’s challenges.


Elder Jim Dumont, in his opening to the National Gathering in June 2013, described how the four directions—the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual—are all necessary to mental wellness at the individual, family, and community level. He described how the key task for supporting mental wellness is to facilitate connections at each of these levels and across the four directions. This balance and interconnectedness is enriched as individuals have purpose in their daily lives, whether it is through education, employment, and caregiving activities or through cultural ways of being and doing; hope for their future and those of their families that is grounded in a sense of identity, unique Indigenous values, and having a belief in spirit; a sense of belonging and connectedness within their families and to community and culture; and finally a sense of meaning and an understanding of how their lives and those of their families and communities are part of creation and a rich history.     

                                                             – First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework