Why use the term Life Promotion instead of Suicide Prevention?


  • The word life embodies hope for tomorrow and is a positive word. Life is a precious gift.
  • Life Promotion encompasses a positive strategy and a philosophy for growth and self-love and empowerment.
  • Reframing the language, we use to speak about problems within our communities will shift focus to building on strengths.
  • To reframe how we approach and speak about the topics of suicide, self-harm, mental illness, lateral violence, and addictions, to help to get rid of negative stigmas.
  • Words are powerful; they hold energy, meaning, and cannot be taken back after being given, so let us use good words to support healing our communities.
  • Our Elders know the power of words; they teach us to be careful with our words. To respect the teachings of our Elders.
  • Many First Nations languages (in which we were gifted) do not have words to describe some of the words we use today to contextualize the problems the youth in our communities’
  • We need to focus on our strengths and our future. Purpose, Hope, Meaning, and Belonging for our people.

–  FSIN Youth Empowerment


“Be truthful and respectful in our speech, which in itself is a miracle and a gift from the Creator, that we might use it only to speak good of each other and pass on the good things of life.”

“óma ka-píkiskwéyák ta-kí kistéyihtomowak mina ta-kí-tapwéyak, éyako áyamiwin mitoni mamáhtáwisíhcikéwin óma ki-mámawóhtawímawánaw ká-kí-miyo-miyikowak, ka-tahkaki- píkiskwatówák ékwa mina ka-miyo-aniskowinimak pimatisiwiwina.”

– Cree proverb