What is a Right?

Human rights are the principals that we are entitled to as human beings and govern how we live in society and defines the relationship we have with the government and the obligations the government has towards us. Human rights law helps the government to do some things while preventing them from doing others. You have the ability to exercise your human rights and no one can violate your rights.

Human rights are:

  • Inherent–we are born with them and they belong to us as a result of our common humanity.
  • Inalienable–we cannot give them up and they cannot be taken away.
  • Universal–they are held by all people, everywhere.
  • Equal–no right is superior to any other.
  • Interrelated –rights cannot be treated separately or in distinct categories because the enjoyment of one right usually depends on the fulfillment of other rights.


Saskatchewan Children & Youth First Principals

  • The rights of each child shall not be discriminated.
  • Decisions made should be in the childs best interest.
  • The right to be protected from harm, help children live, and grow to be the best that they can be.
  • Children have the right to be heard and the ability to voice their opinions. 
  • Access to the best education and health care.
  • Safety and protection from all form of ANY abuse while in the care of parents, governments, legal guardians, or any person.
  • Given consideration based off of their life history, spiritual traditions and practices, in accordance with their individual views.


Advocacy – You have the right to be heard

If you are a child or youth living in a facility, foster home, group home or other home or place, you have the right to contact the Advocate for Children and Youth office.

The person in charge of where you live has a duty to allow you access to contact SK Advocate. Anything you report is kept confidential and investigated.

Call our office at toll-free: 1-800-322-7221

Saskatoon: (306) 933-6700

Email: contact@saskadvocate.ca


Source: https://www.saskadvocate.ca/children-youth-first